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Mega-project on the water. Kempinski Floating Palace.

Mega-project on the water. Kempinski Floating Palace.

Dubaj to jedno aktualnie jeden z najdynamiczniej rozwijających się rynków nieruchomości na świecie. Potencjał tego miejsca oraz rządowe plany rozwoju stawiają stolicę emiratu w bardzo atrakcyjnym inwestycyjnie świetle.

Dubai announces. Mega-project on the water. Kempinski Floating Palace.
A luxury five-star hotel, 48 luxury villas with a total value of AED 1.6 billion and an exclusive restaurant – this mega-project is built on water, and the main building at the top, a glass pyramid, is divided into four parts.

The floating Kempinski Palace is a mega project in Dubai that attracts everyone’s interest. This pioneering project is generating considerable excitement, capturing the attention of not only the people of the United Arab Emirates, but also audiences from around the world.

A floating luxury five-star hotel housing 150 suites is being built, with 48 luxury villas around it worth a total of AED 1.6 billion. The development also includes an upscale restaurant, a marina for yachts and a heliport. This massive project is built on water, and the main building will be a glass pyramid divided into four parts.

Guests can reach the hotel or their villas by speedboat, or they can bring their own boat. There will be a floating helipad and a yacht parking deck that will accommodate as many as 16 yachts.

The interior of one of the 48 exclusive villas was unveiled last week. Designed to be environmentally friendly, equipped with solar panels and capable of cruising at a maximum speed of 6 nautical miles, the exclusive villas will be available in 2, 3 and 4 bedroom versions.

In terms of amenities and facilities, each villa will have an infiniti pool, and residents and guests will have access to excellent restaurants, bars, spas, pools, boutiques, banquet halls and a central marina that will allow larger yachts to come in and out.

Initially, only 12 luxury floating villas were planned. However, the developer has now decided to quadruple the number of villas due to huge demand from wealthy individuals moving to Dubai permanently.

When asked why the developer chose Dubai in particular, Khamis Soliman, CEO of El Bahrawy Group, said:

“The speed and level of luxury and detail achieved in this project cannot be possible anywhere else. The unwavering support of the government, administration and management, combined with the favorable development of the economy, has made Dubai an ideal location. There really is no better place for such ventures than the Pride of the Emirates. This is where the future is.”

We will report more facts about this powerful project.


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