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Mercedes-Benz is building an apartment building in Dubai.

Mercedes-Benz is building an apartment building in Dubai.

Dubaj to jedno aktualnie jeden z najdynamiczniej rozwijających się rynków nieruchomości na świecie. Potencjał tego miejsca oraz rządowe plany rozwoju stawiają stolicę emiratu w bardzo atrakcyjnym inwestycyjnie świetle.

Mercedes-Benz is building an ultra-luxury apartment building in Dubai.
The company’s first-ever, and thus the world’s first, ultra-luxury apartment building signed by the automotive giant Mercedes-Benz will be built in Dubai’s business center, Business Bay

Mercedes-Benz has long planned to conquer the luxury real estate market. The trend of signature global skyscrapers could not go unchallenged behind the German giant’s boardroom walls.

The ideal venue for the launch of this historic event turned out to be Dubai – a metropolis that is primarily known for its record-breaking, modern, luxury and prestige. Mercedens-Benz executives couldn’t have dreamed of a better place on Earth.

The automotive magnate has chosen the best possible location for its pioneering project. The ultra-luxury skyscraper will be built in Dubai’s business and tourist center – the Business Bay district. It will be adjacent to min. with: the world’s tallest building – Burj Khalifa, the world’s largest shopping mall – Dubai Mall, Dubai Opera and the famous Fountains.

65 stories and 341 meters high Mercedes-Benz Places will be covered with a futuristic robe . The interiors will be finished and furnished with the best and most luxurious materials based on the designs of world-class designers.

One of Dubai’s top developers, Binghatti, will be in charge of the project. The contractor is mainly known for its luxury investments and pioneering projects, min. With collaborations with brands such as Bugatti, and Jacob & Co. The planned construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2026.

We look forward to hearing more news about Mercedes-Benz Places. The automotive giant is expected to reveal more details in the first quarter of 2024.


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