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Dubai and other UAE cities are becoming increasingly “Pet Friendly.”

Dubai and other UAE cities are becoming increasingly “Pet Friendly.”

The United Arab Emirates is known for its liberal attitude and openness to all cultures of the world.
An industry report shows that UAE cities such as Dubai, Hatta and Al Ain top the ranking of pet-friendly destinations throughout the Middle East.

The trend is aimed at presenting to the world the Emirati’s friendly attitude towards all cultures of the world and dispelling unfair myths about Arab countries prevailing in some parts of the globe.

Dubai and other cities are vigorously developing their urban infrastructure: parks, neighborhoods, districts, to become more friendly to residents and families with pets. Year after year, the percentage of pet-friendly estates, neighborhoods, apartment buildings, hotels and resorts is increasing.

According to a survey by Pet’s Delight, a leading chain of pet stores based in Dubai, both Dubai and Hatta and Al Ain are cities in the Middle East that are decent living and vacation destinations for pet lovers.

The Pet’s Delight report analyzed long-term residency and temporary housing data to find out how many apartment buildings and hotels are pet-friendly in popular neighborhoods in the aforementioned cities.


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